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The Alabaster Cross

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Trapped in a world of anger, 29-year-old Bryan Whittaker cannot move on with his life until he takes a journey into his past...a dangerous journey that will lead him into the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest.  Instead of the revenge he seeks Bryan finds Diana and through her love he is able to make peace with his past and find redemption.

When his missionary father disappeared, while on a mission of mercy to a remote tribe deep in the interior of the Amazon Rain Forest, seven-year-old Bryan's life changed forever. He lost not only his father but also his faith.  He could not trust a God who seemingly turned a deaf ear to a small boy's desperate prayers.

Consumed with a grief she could not share, Bryan's mother left him to grieve alone a burden too heavy for any child to bear.  As a consequence his grief turned into anger and he began a twenty-two year odyssey of broken relationships.  His toxic rage destroyed his faith, made him a terrible son to his mother, estranged him from his sister and ruined his marriage.  It wounded him, turned him into an emotional cripple, unable to express any emotion except anger.

Recently divorced, his mother newly buried, and at odds with his sister, Bryan is at a crossroads in his life.  Bitter, resentful, unable to hold a job and most of all unable to love or be loved he takes his share of the small inheritance from his mother's modest estate and heads for the Amazon Basin in a desperate attempt to discover what happened to his father.

The Alabaster Cross is a deeply human story about the complexities of love between a man and a woman, parents and children, a brother and a sister, and ultimately the transforming power of divine love.

If you've ever struggled to restore a broken relationship you will identify with Bryan's journey as he strives to make peace with his past.

The Alabaster Cross
Emerald Pointe Books 2006
Trade Size Paperback 384 pages

"In The Alabaster Cross, Richard Exley has written a compelling and exciting story of mystery, adventure and romance. A young man's passionate pursuit to discover the truth about his father's disappearance in the Amazon also leads him on a fascinating spiritual journey as he faces his own confusion, bitterness and grief. This is a beautifully written story of faith, perseverance, forgiveness and redemption. I was not only captivated by the adventure, I was also impacted in my own spiritual journey. It takes a great book to accomplish both of those." (E. Brewer, Grapevine, TX)


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Bunko Babes

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Becca Thournton loves her thirteen year old twins, her husband Thomas, and her lovely home...but she is frazzled, exhasted, and longing for some time with her girlfriends.  With the help of her three childhood friends, she starts a weekly Bunko group involving an eclectic group of women.  Their original plan was for an evening of fun-indulging in their favorite foods while lauhing and talking over a game of Bunko.  Little did they know that they were embarking on a faith journey that would change their lives and perspectives forever.  Throughout the course of the year, these eight unique women come to depend upon one another in ways that will suprise them all.

Beneathe the surface of the everyday lives each women is dealing with their own personal issues,  In the midst of ordinary routines, a weekly game night, laughter and tears, The Bunko Babes find strength and faith as they turn to eachother in crisis with the bonds of friendship.

A book that goes way beyond spa trips and beauty tips to deal with the real issues women face like infertility, loss, the heartache of infedelity, and temptation.  Whether is it something as common as aging or as devastating as addiction, these Bunko Babes find new strength through faith and friendship as they turn to eachother in times of crisis.

In a society and time where role models are lacking, this is a book that teaches the value of women, mentoring women