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Deliver Me

DELIVER ME(Thomas Nelson Publishers)
by Richard Exley

Temptation is inevitable, but it does not have to be overpowering. Utilizing the Scriptures and practical wisdom Richard Exley shows readers how it can be overcome. With the consummate skill of a master story teller he interweaves the real life experiences of ordinary people with the eternal truths of Scripture to produce a book which will warm the heart of every reader even as it equips them to overcome temptation and become the person God has called them to be.
Divided into five sections--the truth about temptation, the temptations of Jesus, the seven stages of temptation, sexual temptation, and overcoming temptation--this comprehensive volume gives readers practical help for winning their own battles with temptation. Deliver Me is more than just a book to be read its a spiritual experience. 

If you want to be an overcomer in every area of life, "Deliver Me" is the book for you.

Deliver Me
(Thomas Nelson Publishers 1998)
Hardcover - 272 pages


Price: $15.00
Encounters With Christ

Encounters With Christ is your personal invitation to experience Christ in a fresh new way. It's more than just a book to be read.  It is an opportunity to experience the transforming power of Jesus in your own life.  Drawing from the canvases of Scripture, history, and tradition, Richard Exley carefully paints these real-life, eyewitness accounts in colors so vivid you'll feel you're there. Through each moving vignette, you will be forever transformed  by these candid and personal accounts of individuals who met Jesus face-to-face If you are ill, may you encounter the Healer.  If you are being held back by fear or even in bondage to addiction, may you encounter the One who came to liberate every one of us. If you have made some unwise decision or have lost your way, may you encounter the One who came to seek and save the lost.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, perhaps discouraged, may you encounter the One whose presence will renew your faith and restore your outlook on life.  If you are a worshipper, may you encounter the object of your devotion.  Wherever you are in life, may you be refreshed, restored, and renewed as you encounter Christ as you've never experienced Him before. Each chapter includes a Life Lesson that is perfect for personal reflection and small group discussion.

"I've been using Encounters With Christ once a week in our morning staff devotions and have wept my way through the 4th chapterusually we're all grabbing at tissues by the time we are done. Thanks for helping us put ourselves in the shoes of those who encountered Christ in the Gospels. I encountered Him through the miraculous healing of my cousin, so I know the Jesus you write aboutmighty in power, awesome in compassion and mercy."Tom Blackwood, Associate Pastor
Calvary Church, Greensboro, NC

"I really enjoyed your new book Encounters With Christ. After the first 2 chapters, I decided that part of my reading would include a kleenex with which to wipe the tears from my eyes so I could continue to read without blurred vision. Thank you for the book. It is AWSOME!"
Barry Tims



"If you desire a closer walk with Christ Encounter with Christ is a must read.  I was captivated by the twelve extraordinary encounters.  Richard Exley brought the scriptures alive in a new and refreshing way for me and he will for you.  One of the best books I have read in recent years."Ronald D. Glosser
President and CEO (Retired)
Hershey Trust Company

To read a sample chapter from Encounters with Christ, Click here



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Strength for the Storm

"Strength for the Storm" (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
by Richard Exley

Do not despair! God is with you. That is the faith-affirming message of "Strength for the Storm," a map for dealing with the troubles that inevitably arise in our lives.

Using dozens of real-life examples, contemporary and biblical, Richard Exley powerfully demonstrates how God not only guides us through difficult periods but transforms those times into positive experiences for our ultimate good.

Whatever problems you face -- death, illness, disaster, broken relationships, betrayal, financial difficulties -- "Strength for the Storm" is filled with practical, Scripture-based lessons that will help you:

1)Prepare for life's inevitable storms

2)Discover God's help that is always available

3)Remain spiritually and emotionally healthy

4)Rebuild your life after tragedy strikes

"Strength for the Storm" is an invaluable reference for ministers, counselors, those enduring a crisis or tragedy, Christians who want to be prepared for future trials, and friends of anyone in the midst of trouble.

(Thomas Nelson Publishers 1999)
Hardcover, 234 pages


Price: $10.00
When You Lose Someone You Love 20th Anniversary Edition


Comfort for Those Who Grieve (RiverOak, 2001)
by Richard Exley

Written as a series of heart-to-heart letters, best-selling author Richard Exley draws on years of pastoral ministry to give you the comfort of a true friend. You'll draw reassurance from the real experiences of others who have faced devastating loss, and begin to see how hope can one day triumph over grief. Most importantly, you will discover how the mercy and grace of God provide the promise of eternal life.

Your most difficult questions -- including your doubts about God's goodness, or perhaps His very existence, are fearlessly addressed. Realistic and empathetic insights will enable you to trust God with your loss even though it seems to make no sense.

Long after the flowers have faded and the sympathy cards are tucked away, "When You Lose Someone You Love" will still be speaking peace and promise to your heart. An expression of continuing concern and comfort, it is sure to be your most welcome companion during your journey through grief.

When You Lose Someone You Love
(RiverOak Publishing, 2001)
Paperback, 97 pages


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The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude is a little book with a big message.  You can read it in a few minutes but its impact will last a life time.  If hardship or disppointment has stolen your joy it will restore your hope and cause you to fall in love with life all over again.  

Embrace the gift of gratitude and you will find the joy that eludes almost everyone else.  It is like a butterfly - the harder you try to catch it, the more elusive it becomes.  But if you live with a thankful heart it will find you; it will light on your shoulder. 


Price: $13.00
Perils of Power Immorality In The Ministry

In Perils of Power, Richard Exley takes an in-depth look at immorality in the ministry. It's a complex issue involving the minister's relationship with money, sex and power. There are many factors at work including the minister's self-image and sexual identity, his life-style, his marital relationship, his way he views power and even how he conducts his ministry. Immorality is seldom just a "sexual sin" and while it is definitely a spiritual problem, it is more just a "spiritual problem."

Perils of Power looks beneath the obvious sin of highly visible ministers in an attempt to understand the interpersonal dynamics of moral failure among those who recognize it as a deadly sin. Once Dr. Exley has identified the spiritual and emotional dynamics that are at work; he offers scriptural insights and practical strategies for overcoming the temptations we all face.