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Living in Harmony

Living In Harmony
Moving to a Better Place in Your Life
by Richard Exley
Do you need a breather?  A few minutes to slow your heart rate, settle your mind?  Welcome to life in the 21st century -- it's frenetic, like the scenery from a speeding train.
Do you meet yourself coming and going?  Do you have more on your plate than you can possibly get done?  Do you feel like you are run ragged?  If so Living in Harmony is for you!
Author Richard Exley lives there -- in Harmony.  He moved years ago, when he realized that success starts at home.  He is a man who has juggled brutal schedules and a stressfully satisfying career and now he wants to help you by providing practical tips for bringing your life into balance.
In this guide for the complusively busy, Exley allows us a look into his own experiences.  You will walk with him as he struggles to balance work, rest, worship and play -- finally discovering his answer in the life and ministry of Jesus.  Although Jesus was totally committed to ministry, He also took time to pray, relax, and nurture friendships.
The life of abundance that Jesus offers is different from what the world promises.  Instead of success without fulfillment, He offers meaning in the midst of our hectic lives.  Exley invites you to move to Harmony where you will find meaning and fulfillment.  It'll be the best move you will ever make.
"Living In Harmony is a must read.  Whether you are an overworked executive, over-stressed pastor, harried mother of pre-schoolers, or just feel like life has become a "have to" instead of a "get to," this book is for you.  I ought to know; it saved my ministry and gave me back my life.  Learn how to live life as God intended!  Buy one for yourself and one for a friend."
Randy Phillips | Founder and Senior Pastor, Oak River Church


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Intimate Moments for Couples

Author, Richard Exley, draws upon the experience gleaned from more than four decades of marriage and ministry to provide practicle wisdom and scriptural insights to help couples experience the intimacy their hearts hunger for. 

An intimate moment may be fun, even funny, or it may be tenderly poignant. Intimate moments can occur anywhere at anytime -- sharing conversation and coffee on the deck after you have put the children to bed, comforting each other after one of life's inevitable disappointments, watching a movie together, walking on the beach, seeing your child graduate or even while praying together.

Intimate moments can never be forced, but they can be cultivated.  By making time to be together, not just physically but emotionally as well, you can create opportunities for intimacy. "Intimate Moments for Couples" is designed to help you do just that. Each chapter is written  with refreshing candor and filled with practicle wisdom. Exley has included action steps at the end of each chapter to help you integrate these truths into your own marriage.


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The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude is a little book with a big message.  You can read it in a few minutes but its impact will last a life time.  If hardship or disppointment has stolen your joy it will restore your hope and cause you to fall in love with life all over again.  

Embrace the gift of gratitude and you will find the joy that eludes almost everyone else.  It is like a butterfly - the harder you try to catch it, the more elusive it becomes.  But if you live with a thankful heart it will find you; it will light on your shoulder.