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Strength for the Storm

"Strength for the Storm" (Thomas Nelson Publishers)
by Richard Exley

Do not despair! God is with you. That is the faith-affirming message of "Strength for the Storm," a map for dealing with the troubles that inevitably arise in our lives.

Using dozens of real-life examples, contemporary and biblical, Richard Exley powerfully demonstrates how God not only guides us through difficult periods but transforms those times into positive experiences for our ultimate good.

Whatever problems you face -- death, illness, disaster, broken relationships, betrayal, financial difficulties -- "Strength for the Storm" is filled with practical, Scripture-based lessons that will help you:

1)Prepare for life's inevitable storms

2)Discover God's help that is always available

3)Remain spiritually and emotionally healthy

4)Rebuild your life after tragedy strikes

"Strength for the Storm" is an invaluable reference for ministers, counselors, those enduring a crisis or tragedy, Christians who want to be prepared for future trials, and friends of anyone in the midst of trouble.

(Thomas Nelson Publishers 1999)
Hardcover, 234 pages


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When You Lose Someone You Love 20th Anniversary Edition


Comfort for Those Who Grieve (RiverOak, 2001)
by Richard Exley

Written as a series of heart-to-heart letters, best-selling author Richard Exley draws on years of pastoral ministry to give you the comfort of a true friend. You'll draw reassurance from the real experiences of others who have faced devastating loss, and begin to see how hope can one day triumph over grief. Most importantly, you will discover how the mercy and grace of God provide the promise of eternal life.

Your most difficult questions -- including your doubts about God's goodness, or perhaps His very existence, are fearlessly addressed. Realistic and empathetic insights will enable you to trust God with your loss even though it seems to make no sense.

Long after the flowers have faded and the sympathy cards are tucked away, "When You Lose Someone You Love" will still be speaking peace and promise to your heart. An expression of continuing concern and comfort, it is sure to be your most welcome companion during your journey through grief.

When You Lose Someone You Love
(RiverOak Publishing, 2001)
Paperback, 97 pages


Price: $7.00
From Grief to Greatfulness

Death is all around us. We feel its long-extending reach on a daily basis.  We see it on the evening news.  We experience it vicariously through friends, co-workers, and fellow church members.  But when death knocks on a loved one's door, there's no way we can truly be prepared for the emotional, physical, and spiritual impact it can have on our lives.

From Grief to Greatfulness is one family's true life account of personal loss and the arduous healing process that follows.  It deals with the specific stages that accompany bereavement including shock, emptiness, exhaustion and loss of meaning.  This book also spells out the temptations that inherently come along such as andger, guilt, and an overwhelming desire to simply give up.  It gently shares Biblical truths that will help grieving individuals trust in God above their emotions and allos them to praise Him in spite of their deep hurts.

Each chapter of this compelling narrative contains highly descriptive word pictures that place the reader firmly in the authors shoes.  Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one will immediately connect with the heart of this universal story.  More importantly, this book encourages its readers to embrace the memories of those who have passed on, to be thankful and gratefiul for the gift of life, and utimately to look forward to a Heavenly redemption and the promise of eternity.

For anyone who has lost a loved one, the priciples conveyed in this book represent the important and vital steps in overcoming the struggle of grief-to once again embrace life with hope.